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Welcome to my campaign website,


The great city we live in is facing enormous challenges.  At this juncture it is vitally important that Anaheim make’s every effort to strengthen our local economy.  I believe Job Creation and Business Growth are the keys to turning our economy around, and naturally we must always be committed to being fiscally responsible. 


We are blessed in Anaheim to have the Anaheim Resort and the sports venues located in the Platinum Triangle.  I believe these areas are the anchors for job growth and business opportunities in Anaheim.  I believe it is imperative that we maximize job creation and business growth in Anaheim -- and we start now.


A strong local economy will help us fund cuts that have been made to public safety and other vital city services.   I believe we have the ability to make our city even greater than it has been.  I am optimistic about Anaheim; together we can create, realize and share a prosperous future.


Thank you for your consideration and support.


Bill Dalati

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